What is a LUT ?

In computer science, Look Up Tables (or LUTs) are a list of values that replaces computation with a simple array look up operation. It helps save significant processing time because retrieving a value from memory is way faster than doing the calculations.

Color Look Up Tables are widely used in the filmmaking industry for color transformations. From a technical standpoint, LUTs are simply a list of color values that tell your editing software to map one color to another. (ex: pure black should be dark gray, red should be yellow, etc.)

What are LUTs used for?

In the past few years LUTs started getting a lot of traction in the videography world especially with Mobile Videography being more and more popular.

Their application range from technical (ie. LOG to Rec709 LUTs) to more stylized film stock emulation (ie. Emulating famous discontinued film stocks) They also help match certain camera to other camera. For example matching Arri Alexa footage to RED footage.

How to Create LUTs

There are many different ways to create LUTs. One of the easiest and most portable way is definitely by using Online LUT Creator. You can visit the tutorial page here and learn how to create LUTs.